Night Sky Conservation
Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve
STUNNING by day - SENSATIONAL by night
Discover Kerry's DARK Side
The ONLY Gold Tier Dark-Sky Reserve in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere
Now OFFICIALLY twinned with New Zealand's Aoraki Mackenzie Dark-Sky Gold Tier Reserve
2014 Michael Sheehan
The Glen
Our Reserve is a residential Reserve covering nine regions. Our Core Zone includes a school, a pub, a playground and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Reserve is not just about Dark-Skies, its also about learning new skills, having fun, relaxation, discovery, and adventure
Our Hotels, B&B's
 and self catering accommodation guarantee comfort with modern convieneinces, friendly staff and breathtaking views.
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If you have ever visited the Kerry region of Ireland you will know of its astounding natural beauty. Anyone who has motored on the famous Ring-of Kerry route you will attest to its wonder and ease of travel. If however, you have never stayed in the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve, you will have missed out on a wonder only revealed after the sun truly sets and an orchestra of stars come out to astonish your senses. The never forgotten view of our astonishingly beautiful Universe will be a memory that you will carry with you for all your life the greatest souvenir of all.
What makes the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve unique is the fact that it is a Residential Reserve. No other IDA awarded Reserve or Park has a little village in the Core Zone (The Glen) a listed house (Derrynane House and gardens) an ancient stone fort (Staigue Fort) farms, a chocolate factory, a church, a little pub, a school, a playground, beaches, holiday homes, lakes and rivers where you can fish, a hostel, a bird sanctuary and a UNESCO World Heritage site the Skellig Islands. Essentially this means that one can stay in the Core Zone of the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve ... rent a house there, have a pint, stay in a hostel, visit a chocolate factory etc etc.
How amazing is that !
The Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve has been designated Ireland's FIRST International Dark Sky Reserve by the International Dark-Sky Association (www.darksky.org), one of only 3 GOLD TIER Reserves on the planet.

This means that on clear nights the sky in this South West region of Ireland is simply stunning, with many astronomical sights seen through the naked eye as can be seen say in the Grand Canyon or the desert plains of Africa.

The constellations can be viewed here with many more stars than are shown on the usual sky maps. The beautiful band of the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy, Star Clusters and Nebula's are just some of the naked eye wonders to see without the aid of any astronomical equipment or filters.

Go Satillite watching, Moon gazing, Planet hunting, or simply glory in the wonder of 'falling stars' ... discover Kerry's DARK side and you'll experiance the wonder of the stars - just as our ancestors once did.

Book a Stargazing Guide to fully enhance your experiance - see activities page for more info
Above: our official LOGO
If you think your area has the potential to be awarded for its Dark-Skies by the International Dark-Sky Association then contact the consultant left who is responsible for our success.
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Above: sample of three different sunsets all in the one week - if you don't have a camera you'll wish you did - but perhaps there are some things that just can't be captured on camera they can only be experianced
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