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You will be surprised to discover just how many places there are to stay or rent within the Core Zone region as well as the Buffer Zone.  Having a UNESCO World Heritage site and the Atlantic Ocean in view is an awesome sight. Our Core Zone has a school, a playground, a church, and a small pub, a Hostel and a small hand-made chocolate factory. Our Buffer Zone also provides excellent star-gazing sites as you will see outlined in the downloadable PDF Map of the Reserve.

Whatever your preference in accommodation, be it Hotel, Camping, Self Catering, Hostel or Caravaning  you can be guaranteed that after the long day of touring is over you can relax, go outside and that, on clear moonless nights, you will experience unrivaled night-time scenery in the ONLY Gold Tier Reserve in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere.  You will see more stars then you ever imagined – right outside your door.  On Moonlit nights view how its soft light highlights the rivers, mountains, ocean and lakes.
You will discover that our slogan ‘STUNNING BY DAY – SENSATIONAL BY NIGHT’ is no exaggeration, and – as if that wasn’t enough- you will be receiving the world renowned ‘*Céad Míle Fáilte‘ which translates into the English language as ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ from the world renowned friendly Irish locals.

* (Céad Míle Fáilte – pronounced: kay-id .. meal-a…fall-ta)


Waterville Village

Waterville Village – credit J.Ormonde

The B&Bs in the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve are run with great pride in hospitality. They are mostly family run, handed down from one generation to the next. Tourist accommodation can be found everywhere throughout the Reserve from the Core to the Buffer Zone. After a long day of touring you can rely on them to provide a warm welcome, a good hearty home-cooked breakfast with home-cooked brown bread (of course you also have a choice of more modern breads) and a comfy bed.

In some B&B’s, you will be treated as an honored guest in the owner’s home, while others aim for the atmosphere of a small hotel or guesthouse. B&B’s are usually more flexible than self-catering accommodation in that you can book anything from a single night to a long stay. In most B&B’s you can also order a packed lunch if you are planning a long hike or drive. Don’t be shy in voicing your requests, if it can be accommodated your host will be only too happy to oblige.


Walking the Derrynane  Gardens

There are only four Hotels in the Reserve, which, given its 700 km size, is enough to cater for the summer tourism season. Unfortunately the Derrynane Hotel shuts down for the winter due to the fall in tourist numbers. It is hoped that the awarding of International Dark-Sky Status will extend the tourism season into the time of year then the nights are longer and the spectacular view of the cosmos is on show for longer.
The hotels differ in quality and price, from 4 star to 2 star. They are all in convenient locations, near to beaches and other facilities. Three of the hotels have a small pub attached so you can mix with the locals as well as the residents.
The Guesthouses are wonderfully modern, with facilities that compare with our more luxurious hotels. Expect high quality in superb locations if deciding on staying in one of our Guesthouses.


the glen...pagraig... nearly full moon house

The Glen – Padraig Sands

Self Catering is excellent for families and groups intending to stay for more than a couple of days, and to see all of the Reserve you really would need more than a couple of days. Most of these houses are set within spectacular scenery of mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean and (on clear Moonless nights) high quality dark skies. Just imagine a family bar-b-q under the stars. Or how about setting up a telescope to allow day and night viewing of sand, sea and sky. Now is a chance to really see what your camera can do by taking night time shots, who knows what your camera will capture – a fireball, meteor, the International Space Station, a satellite, or even a UFO – it HAS happened.


camping, and caravaning

As well as offering the traditional camping pitch for tents, and considering the number of RV’s there are on the road these days, quality camping sites with electricity, showers and other conveniences (including wi-fi) on site is a thriving business in the Reserve. All the camping sites are in superb locations, so expect to be located at spectacular scenic spots both day and night. Most of the camping sites in the Reserve have altered their night lighting to fully appreciate the night view of the heavens. It is hoped that other camping sites follow suit as there is nothing better than sitting around a camp fire, lying back and looking up at all those stars. The Hostels in the Reserve are clean, reasonably priced, and well attended, offering  washing facilities, a meeting room and kitchen use. All of the hostels are in walking distance of a dark sky suitable for stargazing.

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