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astro-tourism ireland

Discover and Wonder
Astro-tourism brings a new and exciting realm to the Irish Tourism Industry.

Tourism is a dog-eat-dog world where competition is fierce. Tourists are no longer interested in the same o – same o, they are looking for NEW and INNOVATIVE offerings in their choice of where to spend their hard earned money and precious time. Today’s tourism is all about social media,  photo’s, fun, learning, and discovery.

For  National &  International Tourism Interests &  Companies

If you are thinking of including the KerryIDSR as part of your tourism offerings then you have landed onto the right internet page.  As Manager of the KerryIDSR,  initiator and co-originator of the application to the IDA for the prestigious Gold Tier, Dark-Sky Reserve award, there is no-one more expert in providing you with  expert advice and help you plan a tourism deal or package suitable to your company.

For Local Community & Business

If you are a community or local business interested in developing a viable action plan to develop Astro-tourism then the correct ‘first step’ on that road to success is to contact me – Julie Ormonde. With a proven record of ‘getting things done’ and having the right National and International connections and knowledge to see things through, I can get you ahead in this NEW tourism venture.

About me

Julie Ormonde

As an Astronomer, Educator and Author of Ireland’s FIRST 2 Astronomy books “Astronomy Under a River of Stars2 and “Constellation Stories of Ireland”, as well as featuring in National and International magazine, newspaper, internet blogs & TV programs covering general Astronomy and the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve, this is an area in which I excel. I compiled an Astro-tourism business plan before going for the IDA accreditation, that plan has recently been up-dated with the help of an accredited accountant and consultant.

There is NO-ONE else out there in the Irish Astro-tourism niche providing this service, so what are you waiting for?

Contact me Julie Ormonde via email:

Phone: +353 (0) 87 7845 678

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I initiated and put the application together – took almost 18 months, all my own work, no grant, no expenses or re-reimbursement of any kind.

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