Bed & Breakfast

Comfortable bed
Family run Bed & Breakfasts are dotted throughout the Reserve. The beds are extremely comfortable so expect a peaceful nights sleep: no traffic noise, car alarms, police or ambulance sirens. On clear Moonless nights look out for those starry skies we have been awarded for, and be prepared to be amazed. On full Moon nights open the curtains and allow the gentle light of those moonbeams to sway you gently to sleep. Awaken in the morning to the magical sound of the dawn chorus and a cheerful ‘good morning’ from your host.  Wake up refreshed, ready to meet and greet another day of relaxation or touring.



Full irish Breakfast Packed Lunch


A good old fashioned full home-cooked Irish breakfast with freshly made bread,  fruit, cereal, fresh juice, a fry or scrambled egg, tea or coffee,  will be more than enough to carry you through the day – most B&B’s will even provide you with a packed lunch if so requested so don’t be shy in asking

Stargazing in the kerry dark sky reserve Michael Sheehan


To fully maximize the experience of viewing our Dark-Sky you should consider hiring a Stargazing Guide (private visits can be arranged at your holiday home for parties and Bar-B-Que’s). PLEASE consider the position of the Moon. There are actually on seven nights in any one month that one can view a dark sky, the rest of the nights are influenced by the Moon’s powerful light. Or maybe you might consider hiring a Heritage Guide … it’s YOUR holiday – go make the most of it.

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