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It is astonishing to realise that the The ONLY Gold Tier Dark-Sky Reserve in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere recieve NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING what-so-ever. You can help by donating, sponsoring a project, or joining the group as a friend, member or volunteer. We are in desperate need of funding to grow and develop the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve. Funding is needed for projects, advertising, office equipment & supplies, utility bills, rent and-so-on. We need to employ a full-time administrator to help with the colossal amount of work entailed in running the Reserve.  If you can help in any way PLEASE contact us here –  your contribution however small will be acknowledged privately or publicly – as you decree.

Maybe you could organise a fundraising event or raffle – or you can donate via the PayPal button below. You can be assured that your contact details are kept strictly private and will NEVER be passed on to a third party. If you request – you will be included on our emailing list detailing how the donations are being spent. THANK YOU for caring. By protecting and ethically developing the uniqueness of the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve we are safeguarding the future of YOUR PLANET, come visit us.


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We recieve NO FUNDING, make NO PROFIT, your support is urgently needed to develop the Reserve. Your donation will be acknowledged and – if you request – you will be included on our emailing list with up-dates on how the reserve is progressing. THANK YOU for caring, please share. Read more here


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If this applies to you or anyone you know please pass on this message, corporate or any other such backing would go a long way in making the future plans for the Reserve less of a distant dream and more of a ‘now’ reality.- share and care PLEASE:



Join the Kerry dark Sky Group
Why not become a member the Kerry Dark-Sky Group?

Annul membership fee is just 20 euro per person 60 euro for a group. We are a voluntary organisation with NO funding. Individually we give as much as we can but it is simply not enough to pay for administration, advertising and all the work that we need to do.  Our resources are practically zero. Membership money goes toward the most urgent and immediate needs like insurance, phone, internet etc. Our computer is old (Vista), our printer is old (anyone got a lazer printer they don’t want), we take it in turns to buy the necessary office equipment like paper, ink stamps etc. Contact us if you would like to join.

We are also looking for SPONSORS

Sponsor needed

If you or anyone you know could sponsor something be it an advertisement (for which you will be accredited), office equipment, the retro-fitting of dark-sky compliant lights, flyers-  ANYTHING – even a ream of paper – we would be SO grateful. Pass the word around, you never know who would be interested.

You can also DONATE via the Donate button above

CONTACT US – we promise we never share any information with a 3rd party.

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