Ireland’s FIRST Astronomy Book’s

ireland's astroniomy books

One Successful Campaign- TWO  Great Books available to purchase in December

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 Book #1  The Constellation Stories of Ireland

constellation stories of ireland

The Constellation stories we are more familiar with come from the ancient Greek and Roman era, our ancient Irish ancestors had their own stories, this book shares a few of the more popular ones, with full color pictures and where to find them in the night sky. Cost 10 euro + postage

Book #2  Astronomy under a River of Stars

astronomy under a river of stars

This book contains easy-to-follow information about ASTRONOMY, DARK-SKIES and STARGAZING in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Also includes stunning photographs, photographs and information on 10 of the best Archaeo astronomical sites in the world, and a special CARL SAGAN tribute- each section in the book ends with a popular Carl Sagan Quote. Cost 10 euro + postage


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