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The only real way to learn about the night sky is to get out there and learn. No book, video, film, documentary or indoor astronomy class can ever convey to you what a dark nighttime sky filled with Constellations and Stars actually looks like. The closest you can get to that experiance is in a top-grade Planetarium with a full dome projector. Actually standing under the canopy of a moonless star-filled sky has NO comparison – it is simply too amazing. Consider the following:

      • You will see more stars in the Constellations than depicted in the usual star-charts and planispheres.
      • The distance between the Constellations under an actual uninterrupted skyline is surprisingly huge.
      • The sudden unexpected appearance of a ‘falling star’ or fireball  is too thrilling for words.
      • Seeing distant objects with your own eyes – without any telescope or binoculars – is really satisfying and feels so natural.
      • When a Stargazing Guide shows you the Constellations via the use of a laser beam you will always remember where they are.

So why not enhance your visit to the KerryIDSR by hiring an experienced Astronomer  (over 30 years experiance) as a Stargazing and Tourist Guide?  Learn all about the Constellations, their ancient stories and how to find them. Discover and learn about the more popular Stars, Planets, Nebula’s, Star Clusters  and other Galaxies. The guide is available for private individuals and parties as well as community/ tour groups and schools. Moonlight talks/walks as well as outdoor talks on the Sun using special eye-filters should also be considered: we sometimes forget that the Moon and the Sun also have a fascinating story to reveal. Tel: 083 4489069 (within Ireland) or +353 (0)834489069 (outside Ireland), or you can make contact HERE.

ADVICE: If you are coming the the KerryIDSR consider the position of the Moon. A New Moon is by far the best time to come. The Moon’s cycle is 28 days, so every month really has only 7 dark nights with no moonlight to interfere with your view of the heavens.


The best part of going out Stargazing was the laser beam, I never seen anything so awesome. I really really wish I had one, but my mother says its too dangerous.
Killian O’Brien (age 9) – Tipperary.
I really loved the falling stars, can’t believe that they are only the size of a grain of sand. We learned so much. I’d definitely recommend a stargazing tour to anyone, but you have to wait until there is no Moon, but the Moon is till beautiful.
Magenta Creel, New York.
We went out when the Moon was nearly full, I would have liked to see the Kerry dark-sky filled with stars, especially the Milky Way, but I learned so much about the Moon that night that I didn’t mind. Next time we come I’ll make sure there is a New Moon (which is actually no moon) I learned that on the night, I used to think the New Moon was the Full Moon, good to see I’m still learning at my age (57).
Stephen Mills, Dublin
We booked the Stargazing guide for the Bar-B-Q and it was a great success. Seven of us booked a holiday house for a week and when we heard we were in a Dark Sky Place we immediately wanted to learn something about the stars. Even the teenagers enjoyed it, who would have ever thought stargazing would be such fun. I’d definitely recommend it. We saw a fireball and it was amazing…will never forget it.
Jim and Mary Lacey, Eddington, UK
We hired the Kerry stargazer guide to do a workshop for a children’s birthday party, so it was happening during the daytime. The projector screen provided us with a terrific view of the night sky (as it would be when it got dark that night) and also watched astronomy themed cartoons. Each of the children got to play the part of a planet and they learned how the planets move through the solar system. We went outside and looked at the Sun through a special telescope and binoculars and saw ‘sun spots’ which are actually huge disturbances on the sun’s surface and then watched a short video showing the sunspots and the kids were delighted. Lots of other astronomy-themed activities took place and the children got to make their very own star map using paper plates.  I would HIGHLY recommend this as an alternative to the usual children’s party…. Phil and Pat O Hare, Wicklow, Ireland
Julie was amazing, how could she know so much about the stars? We met her at Coomachoiste and there was 20 of us  – adults and children (we were not all part of the same group). The lazer beam stole the show, all of us wanted to try it and were eventually allowed to use it after strict instructions on how to do so. It was so easy to see the patterns of the constellations when showed them up in the sky rather than on a book. Using the plough to find other constellations is really easy. We used red torch lights instead of white torches to protect our night eyesight. We all agree that we would certainly do this one again and find out even more about astronomy and the starry sky. Oh, and the Kerry reserve really really IS dark , there was no moon out and no light pollution when we were there. But it is gorgeous during the daytime too. Would love to live here, or bring some of that darkness back home. Thorsten Mencken, Stuttgart, Germany

If you would like to book a Stargazing Guide contact: kerrystargazingguide (at) gmail (dot) com

or enquire via the Contact page

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