Wildlife in the Reserve


Early morning Robin - Julie Ormonde The irish Fox Digitilas wildflower Sea gull - photo Raul Corral - Soarrow Hawk Hedge Hog - Marian Payne Robin - Julie Ormonde Irish Hare - Marian Payne Dolphin - Wiki The grey seal - Marian Payne

We rarely stop to think that the night is necessary and good for life. Therefore, we do not realise that protecting the night sky is a valuable step to conserving bio-diversity. The Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve is rich in wildlife and it is imperative that we mind it. By learning more about the animals and plants we share our planet with, their behavior, habitats and mating rituals, we can begin to realise that they too deserve a home, protection and respect. Nature created them as equal inhabitants of planet Earth, yet we persist in  the false notion that we alone are somehow more deserved of its bounty.




Nothing is more delightful than going for a walk or drive and coming across wild creatures. The Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve is full of such moments with the added bonus of having fields full of grazing  cows and  sheep. Along the hillsides you will see wild goats. In the gardens and along the hedgerows many different kinds of birds flutter and sing.  Large numbers of wildfowl and waders winter in Ireland, attracted by the mild climate. About half the world population of Greenland white-fronted goose spends the winter. During autumn, many migrating seabirds can be seen off the coasts including several species of skuas, shearwaters and petrels. Ireland’s westerly position means that North American birds are regularly recorded in autumn.


Dark Ocean of the kerry dark-sky reserve

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Derrynane gardens - photo Julie Ormonde

Derrynane Gardens – Julie Ormonde

The above scene looks peaceful without any sign of animal, insect or bird – but they are there.  Wild areas like these are a haven for wildlife that depend on the natural rhythm of the day/night cycle as critical to survival.


Wildlife guide in the Kerry dark sky reserve

Having an expert who knows the area and all the animals that live in the Kerry dark-Sky Reserve is always the best way to get to know the area.  To book or enquire contact here

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